How I Did It: Sally Hope and the Wildheart Retreat

You know how there are those people out in the world that you just feeeel like you want to get to know them?

That's how I feel about Sally Hope. She was among the first people I followed on Instagram and she has a totally honest way about everything she says. I found Sally through mutual friends in Montana and was so, so excited when I found out about her business + her mission.

Sally just launched her #Wildheart Retreat v. 2.0 in California, and when I got the email about it, I KNEW I just had to get the inside scoop on how she came up with, conceived, planned, and SOLD OUT her first retreat.

In this interview, you'll learn:

•WHEN exactly Sally came up with the idea for Wildheart and why it took her a few years to put it out there

•Her best advice around running a retreat solo vs. running it with a team (or "Hype Girls" as I like to call them)

•How she found her venue through super-sleuthing and intuition

•How she marketed #Wildheart retreat in a totally authentic, totally creative way and SOLD IT OUT the first time around

•The WHY behind #Wildheart: California and the reasons why you SHOULDN'T do a retreat

•What she's doing differently for #Wildheart: California that she didn't do in #Wildheart: Montana (hint: it involves SPACE)

I am so stinkin' excited to get started. Let's do it!

Thank you SO MUCH, Sally!

And if you're still on the fence about doing something AMAZING for yourself this season, skip on over to Sally's website and snag your spot for the Wildheart Retreat. It's super small this year and it will sell out, so get goin'!


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