Best Ideas for a "Get Excited" Client Gift

It's Cyber Monday! Which means everyone is going nutty with "gift roundups" and "gift posts" and PRESENTS!

So rather than fight it (my inclination), I thought I'd embrace it and get really specific on an integral part of my own business that helps me book new clients and make sure my current and past clients are happy, happy clams.

my "WhY" behind gifting

Before I talk about gift giving, I need to talk about the reason I love planning events. The reason I love working with my clients in the way that I work with them is two-fold:

1. I'm really, stinkin' good at it, which came from years and years of not being quite so good at it (*Toot toot*)

2. I love delighting and surprising my clients in new, unexpected ways.

In fact, serving women entrepreneurs who serve and take care of other women is my jam. So I make sure that I am serving them in the most loving, organic, beautiful ways possible. That is my WHY behind my business, and that is my WHY behind everything I do subsequently. (Do you know your WHY?)

One of the ways that I do this is by sending my clients fun, personal, gift the minute they sign with me. I live and work by my processes and while I know there are tons of ways to make your clients feel special, I love sending a small gift that says "Thanks for choosing me. I know that you could have chosen lots of others, but I'm glad I get to be a part of this process."

This is not about luxury or spending tons of dollars. This is about me creating an experience that says "I am ALWAYS thinking about you and you first. This is how I show that I care and I am so glad to be here."

If any of the things below are out of your price range and don't fit into your budget, there are TONS of other ways to make sending gifts or a Welcome Packet (as Leah Kalamakis puts it) easy, streamlined, and low cost.

Three of My Favorite gift Ideas

1. Hot Toddy Kit

I am literally spoiling all Christmas gifts for clients + friends this year, but this is quite possibly my favorite gift in the world to put together. We make some amazing Montana Whiskey 'round these parts, and I usually add this monogrammed mug from Anthropologie, a tiny craft pot from Michael's filled with local honey, a bunch of cinnamon sticks tied with red bakers twine, and a a few fun, hand-written tags. Wrap it up in a cute box with some paper padding and you're good to go.

Note: if you're mailing this gift, be sure to pack the ceramic super tight. I know from experience that things can break in transport!

2. Inspirational Print

I love me some inspirational quotes and oftentimes, when my clients are  going through a new process (like planning a retreat or a workshop for the first time) a bit of encouragement is helpful to get them through the tough spots. I love the above one by Emily McDowell. Throw it into an 11" x 14" frame from Target or Michaels and voila! You've got a gorgeous gift that any client would be so happy to hang on their wall (and to remember you by as well).

3. "Let's Celebrate!" Pack

This one is a little more traditional but it also shows that you're ahead of the game and that you know your client really well. In my client intake questionnaire that I send to clients as soon as they book me and before we have our first call, I always ask silly little questions like "Coffee or Tea?" and "Favorite Hot Beverage". While these seem innocuous, it's really so I can gather inspiration about what sort of person they are. After I get that questionnaire back, I put together a really gorgeous package with local coffee or teas or sweets, or a bottle of champagne with a cute straw and some fun glasses like these from Five Dot Design. Ain't nothing better than getting a package of all the things you already love, amiright?

Okay, you're turn!


1. Tell me your favorite gifts to give or receive in the comments below (something that you would DIE if you received from your coach, VA, designer-on-retainer, or something else in your professional world).

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