How I Did It: Michelle Ward on Outlining Your Workshop Content


Moment of Truth

It's so hard for me to get this post started but instead of trying to edit myself, I'm just going to set the timer for 30 minutes and CRANK THIS PUPPY OUT! Because I really, really am SO excited to share with you this interview!

(How about THAT for brutal honesty, eh?)

Now, Onto The Goods

A few weeks ago, I put it out there in the Twitter-verse that I wanted to know what questions entrepreneurs like YOU had around planning your own workshop or mini-shop.

And one of the big questions was "How do I even get up on stage and TEACH people for a WHOLE DAY? How"

To which I said: "Uhm...."

Because I'm a planner, and I can help you with all the logistics, but there are better, more enthusiastic, more experienced teachers out there in the world.

Enter Michelle Ward, the When I Grow Up Coach, and recent teacher of a THREE day workshop with Creative Live.

(Which you can still get access to here. Or watch a really amazing preview here.)

In the forty-five minute interview that follows, Michelle talks all about:

•How her partnership with Creative Live came about
•What it's like to teach a Creative Live course
•How she prepared all of her content for three days
•How she took care of herself in between segments after being onset and talking to a live studio audience for 8 hours a day (!!)
•What she would do differently if she had to do it all over again

Click on the play button to hear all about Michelle's Creative Live experience (also, apologies that some of my questions are a little fuzzy. #internetfail!):

Wrapping it Up

1. Make it simple. Creating a course outline does not need to be this HUGE arduous process. You literally can take old blog posts or online courses that you've run and revamp the information to suit a live audience.

2. This is a process. Live events are a lot of work, just like course creation and product launches. Remember that this process needs to be broken down into baby steps, and the first content outline is going to be a bit of work before you feel comfortable enough speaking your expertise in front of a live audience.

3. Wear flats. Cuz sore feet are no fun for anyone :)


1. Open up your notebook and write down your BIGGEST fear around speaking in front of others.

2. Head to your blog or search through your website to see what 2 or 3 posts are super popular or what courses were super helpful to your clients.

3. Leave a comment below this post and tell me what ONE thing you'd love to learn next about how to plan your own workshop.

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