You've been mulling over that idea for a Live event for months...


but it seems so overwhelming on top of running your business.


I Know that feeling.

And I'm here to help.


I'm Lauren Caselli, a strategic conference, workshop, and retreat planner that helps creative entrepreneurs plan and deliver LIVE events so they can focus on their clients while I focus on the delivery.

With 10+ years of event planning experience, event marketing strategy, and session design, my goal is to work with you to finally launch that "Big Idea" conference, retreat, or workshop.


Products and Courses

Events That Convert Lead

Events That Convert

Learn how to create high-impact, high-touch client events that will transform your business, one seat at a time.


"Lauren is brilliant. She saved me weeks of time with her expertise and gave me everything to run a successful workshop. She sorted venue, food, swag bags, transportation, schedule, curriculum, room set-up - ALL OF IT - and I can not thank her enough. HIRE HER." -- Halley Gray, Evolve & Succeed


 Sharon Fain, Academy of Handmade


"I chose to work with Lauren because there are few people working in this niche. She had a skill I really needed. When I was on calls with Lauren, deciding how to lay out this training, I felt great. It all made sense. She listened and we went back and forth." -- Sharon Fain, Academy of Handmade Artists and Supporters

One-on-one Services


For multi-day retreats, big workshops, and events where you just need a hell-of-a-lot done, I will do a hell-of-a-lot. I also handle everything on-site and behind the scenes so you can be present with your people.    


(booked for all of 2018)

For the solo entrepreneur who just need advice from a pro. You pick two topics to discuss (venue research, budgeting, content format, marketing, launching, structure, etc.) and we'll drill down into the nitty, gritty details in our one-hour call.


(3 spots left in July/August 2018)


Toni Ollie Plan of Attack

"I chose to work with Lauren because I need expert advise putting together a live event. I wanted to get with someone who understood exactly what I was trying to do and who would be able to steer me in the right direction. 

When I was on the call with Lauren I felt relieved, she gave me a clear direction to go in to make my event a success.  The best part of working with Lauren was that she is so down to earth and relatable. I was able to clearly understand the guidance she gave me and she was on time with her call."  -- Toni Ollie, Joyful Occasions


"Fast, efficient, no bullshit. I knew you knew your stuff right away, and when I got the follow up email,  I was super sure you're awesome at this." -- Heather Rees,

 Casey Wood Event Testimonial

"The best part of working with Lauren was that she took the fear and mystery out of the whole event process. She has everything broken down so beautifully and I’m now inspired to do even bigger things in the future. She always knows exactly the right questions to ask to make sure everything comes out with the outmost clarity. Lauren is a clarity master." -- Casey Erin Wood, Revivify


 Libby Dickerson, Fight Like Frida


"The best part of working with Lauren was that she had such clear goals in mind for what needed to happen not only during our session, but afterward.

Her clarity and ability to walk me through the essential steps to get to a defined destination is priceless. I feel like she is a productivity wizard." -- Libby Dickerson, Fight Like Frida




"I so appreciated having you walk me through the must-haves and the gotta-dos so I could get some clarity around taking my living-room workshops into bigger venues!  I liked the step-by-step support, and I LOVEthe action plan. (whee!)" -- Deb Cooperman,

"The best part of working with Lauren was...EVERYTHING!

From the tips and strategies she gave me over the phone to enhance my event, to the templates she emailed me to help me get started, to the follow up questions that I had once I got started...I'm not sure I would have the confidence and excitement I have in planning my event if I had not found her." Detra Trueheart, Trueheart Speaks.