building a business is hard.

You're running the show, without a team, and you're pulled in a thousand different directions.

You're constantly questioning yourself and your direction.

Should I spend more time marketing? Should I focus on growing my Instagram following? Do I cold pitch clients? Do I need a contract? How do I hire an assistant? Why don't I have any money?

How much should I be charging? And how can I sell without feeling sleazy? Am I going to go into debt? How do I even get started? No seriously, why don't I have any money?

Wouldn't it be awesome if you had a mentor who you could ask all these questions to?

Someone who has built her business from the ground up, who was EXACTLY where you were 2 or 3 or 5 years ago, who now pays herself a good salary AND who doesn't work herself to death?

Well, ask and ye shall receive.

i'm inviting you To


with stella orange


5:00 pm–7:00 pm



(602 West Hemlock Street, between 5th and 7th)

A quarterly "French salon"-style discussion and intimate Q+A with a successful creative, female business owner with a balanced life.

This quarter's session will be with Stella Orange, a solo entrepreneur who built a sustainable business and a life out of lots of hard work, hustle, and heart.




5:00 pm5:15 pm

Get cozy

We'll pour ourselves a glass of wine and settle into chairs, on the rug, and on poofs at Urbaine Home. (Yes, there will be POOFS!)


5:15 pm–5:45 pm

Get personal

We'll introduce ourselves and our businesses. Interview-style, Stella will give a brief overview of how she started as a copywriter and grew her business to a point where she can take month long vacations and still make a good income (because we're here to MAKE MONEY, right? And not work ourselves to death, right? Right).

She'll talk about how she created her business online, how she's traded working mostly one-on-one to working one-with-many, and how she created passive income so she doesn't have those staying-up-until-2am-to-finish-all-the-projects nights.

(You know those nights I'm talking about).


5:45 pm6:30 pm

Get answers

After we hear that it's possible to create a business that you love without working all the time or hiring a huge team, it'll be your turn.

We'll do a Q + A around your most burning questions. Nothing is off-limits, including money, time, balance, organization, overwhelm, and how Stella deals with all the things you're dealing with.


6:30 pm7:00 pm

Get clear

Now that you've heard from the expert, it's your turn to do some work. We'll prompt you with some questions for you to think about and we'll have you do some writing for yourself around those questions.


7:00 pm and beyond!

Get your party pants on

Now that the hard work's over, feel free to stretch your legs, engage in some conversation with your fellow attendees, sip some wine, and network your heart out!



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  • An intimate Q+A style roundtable discussion with Stella Orange, limited to 30 attendees.
  • Real answers about what you need to take your business to the next level, and to stop trading time for money.
  • Wine + treats. I don't know about you, but creativity makes me thirsty.
  • The opportunity to learn from a mentor who has gone before you, who has made mistakes, who has tumbled, and picked herself up to rise above.
  • A notebook full of ideas to take home on how to improve your business, how to scale it better, and how to create new offerings, products, services, or even systems for your business. Simply put, it's a whole lot of inspiration and action packed into a few hours.



photo by Citizen Lucida
  • It's for the boss lady that has a so many questions about owning a business, but doesn't have anyone who understands what it means to be a new-ish business owner.
  • It's for the business owner who needs mentorship, deeply.
  • It's for the service provider who is sick of trading time for money and feeling worked to the bone.
  • It's for the product creator who keeps playing small and is barely scraping by.
  • And really? It's for you, a woman who works so hard at her craft, who needs a night surrounded by a group of fellow female entrepreneurs who really, truly get it.




So why this event?

Because you want to create a business that you love. A business that you dream of every night when you go to bed. And you're not there yet.

Because you see other women online in your field with ENORMOUS followings and a whole load of momentum and you wonder "How DOES she do it?"

Because you haven't met anyone who you admire who is willing to actually let you in on the secrets to her business (hint: some of the answers will involve hard work. This isn't a "get rich quick" scheme. It's a "this is how I did it and you absolutely can to" scheme.)

Personally, seeking out mentors has been the biggest game changer for my own business. And if you talk to other business owners at the top, they'll agree.

Maybe you haven't found a mentor, or maybe you don't even know where to start looking, or you don't know how to ask someone who has been where you are for help.

This is a good first step. Showing up to this event will help.

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How it works

  1. You click the "Get Registered" button up there and sign up.
  2. Within 24 hours, you’ll be emailed a link to a questionnaire where you can ask Stella your deepest, most burning questions on July 1st.
  3. You fill that out within 7 days and send it back to me.
  4. You’ll receive exact details about the event two weeks beforehand. Because I want to slowly reveal the juicy details as it happens.


Some notes

  • Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE but are transferable ONLY if requested to 10 days in advance. This is because I am personalizing the event and I want you to have stuff that's personalized!
  • If the event sells out, please email to get put on the waitlist (because if someone can’t make it, you could be in like Flynn).

Who is Stella Orange?


Stella Orange is the founder and creative director of, an agency that helps people doing good work nail their message and get their writing projects done faster, bolder and more profitably.

As a teacher, Stella shows her students how to craft their message, tell better stories and find their voice so they move their audience to action with a quirky, human touch.

Stella’s clients include million dollar companies, New York Times bestselling authors, and ambitious one-person-businesses seeking to develop their clarity, confidence and effectiveness in connecting with their audience and promoting their work through the written and spoken word.

She is the creator and leader of Write Club, a global online skill development and writing group for business owners. Stella is based in Cincinnati, but returns to Montana several times a year, hosting sold out writing workshops for people who enjoy riding horses and drinking whiskey. Find out about upcoming production labs and events at


And Who Am I?

(And what right do I have to be throwing this party?)


I’m Lauren Caselli, and I’m just like you, sis.

An event planner for small businesses and entrepreneurs who slowly built her business (alone), and made some pretty hefty mistakes while doing it.

In October 2013, I had been in business for myself for about six months.

The freelance work I relied on had dried up, I wasn’t getting any new inquiries, and I was living alone in my own studio apartment.

(**Cue disaster music and a few months of hefty self-doubt**)

Suddenly, this dream that I had worked so hard for seemed impossible to attain. I didn’t have work and I didn’t know anyone who understood that paralyzing fear. I lamented to friends about how I was worried for my business and I only got two answers:

“Well, at least you get to work from home. I would KILL to stay at home all day.”


“Why don’t you just get a job?”

It took another year, a lot of encouragement from my #BossLadies, and many, many coffee dates around Bozeman before I found two wonderful mentors who have helped me stop thinking small and get on the path toward the business that I dream about every night.

I created this event because it is vital to have women who you can rely on to be a sounding board as you grow your one-woman shop. And because you want someone who truly gets your struggle and your triumphs and who has the answers that you're looking for.

Now, Are you ready to ask the questions?


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