I work with my clients to plan strategic, well-produced events that build their relationships with their attendees, and the attendees' relationships with each other.

That's how you build platforms and that's how you build communities.

Here are their stories.

Boss Lady

Stratejoy Summer Camp

"Lauren is brilliant. She saved me weeks of time with her expertise and gave me everything to run a successful workshop. She sorted venue, food, swag bags, transportation, schedule, curriculum, room set-up - ALL OF IT - and I can not thank her enough. HIRE HER." -- Halley Gray, Evolve & Succeed



"Fast, efficient, no bullshit. I knew you knew your stuff right away, and when I got the follow up email,  I was super sure you're awesome at this." -- Heather Rees, HeatherRees.com



"I so appreciated having you walk me through the must-haves and the gotta-dos so I could get some clarity around taking my living-room workshops into bigger venues!  I liked the step-by-step support, and I LOVE  the action plan. (whee!)" -- Deb Cooperman, DebCooperman.com