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Let's get real: planning an event is messy.


You have a million workshop ideas, but you don't know how to organize your content in a meaningful way.

You're running from one conference idea to one workshop idea to a networking event, and you're exhausting yourself.

You've got this AMAZING idea for a workshop, but the numbers piece is elusive and scary.

And the money? Don't even get me started.

Girl, I know how you feel.

Stressed out. Anxious. Waiting for that burst of sunshine in the big stormy clouds.

i've got your rays of light right here, friend.

I'm Lauren, and I've been an event planner for over 10 years, specializing in strategic events within big corporate companies. I've worked with celebrities, CEOs, politicians, and everyone in between.

Now, I take all that strategy I learned from working among million dollar companies and I help entrepreneurs create strategic, well-planned events that not only make them money, but also generate leads, sales, and a create a platform that can leap off of into a bigger, better business.

I want to help you make your business successful, because I truly believe every entrepreneur who has a brilliant idea can run a successful business. It just takes a little elbow grease and a SERIOUS kick in the pants.


"The best part of working with Lauren was...EVERYTHING!

From the tips and strategies she gave me over the phone to enhance my event, to the templates she emailed me to help me get started, to the follow up questions that I had once I got started...I'm not sure I would have the confidence and excitement I have in planning my event if I had not found her." Detra Trueheart, Trueheart Speaks.



 Toni Ollie's Strategy for her event

"I chose to work with Lauren because I need expert advise putting together a live event. I wanted to get with someone who understood exactly what I was trying to do and who would be able to steer me in the right direction. 

When I was on the call with Lauren I felt relieved, she gave me a clear direction to go in to make my event a success.  The best part of working with Lauren was that she is so down to earth and relatable. I was able to clearly understand the guidance she gave me and she was on time with her call."  -- Toni Ollie, Joyful Occasions


With Plan of Attack, you'll... able to ask all the questions you have about events (sponsorship, marketing, sales strategy, experience) and get answers from a pro. able to understand if the financial investment that it takes to plan an event BEFORE you put down that venue deposit (because ain't nobody got time to be losing money).

...get clear on WHAT and WHO you're selling, making it way easier to see if it's going to make you any money in the long run.

...learn HOW to make your event profitable if you don't have a huge following (it literally only takes 10 friends).

I've talked to so many people whose events have never seen the light of day.

I'm here to change that.



"The best part of working with Lauren was that she had such clear goals in mind for what needed to happen not only during our session, but afterward. Her clarity and ability to walk me through the essential steps to get to a defined destination was priceless. I feel like she is a productivity wizard." -- Libby Dickerson, Fight Like Frida

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"I chose to work with Lauren because of her expertise in the event sphere and her passion. The best part of working with Lauren was how personable, generous and genuine she is." -- Ashley Beaudin, Fire and Wind Co.

When we work together, you get:

  • A pre-call questionnaire about your ideal event, to be filled out with glee and wine
  • A pre-call agenda to keep us on task
  • A one-hour phone call with me to discuss content, organization, planning tasks, marketing ideas, structure, and the details of your event (you'll pick two main topics to focus on at the outset)
  • A post-call package consisting of a recap of what we talked about, resources for you to use (think email templates, checklists, sample agendas), a preliminary budget template for you to use, and 10 action steps outlining what you need to do next.

With Plan of Attack, you get a basic crash course on how to make your event lead-generating, profitable, and platform building. You'll also learn how to plan your event, and get all the templates I use when I planned my five-time sold-out #BossLadyBash.

It's a lot of stuff packed into an hour.


"The best part of working with Lauren was getting new, fresh ideas. When we were on the call together, I felt excited and re-energized!" -- Megan Roop, Quiet Adventures

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How it works:

1. You click that red button up there. It'll prompt you to buy a session with me (thanks!).

2. I get back to you within 24 hours. I send you a pre-call questionnaire and some available times to chat.

3. I send you a specific-to-your-event pre-call agenda to mull over. You don't need to fill anything out; it's just so we can stay on track.

4. We chat about All The Things. You ask me All The Questions.

5. I get back to you within 24 hours with your post-call action task list. You complete all the tasks at your leisure, and then dance with glee.