Hey there, small business badass.
I can't wait to help you create your next live event.

Your inkling that a live event can help build your platform ? I can help.
Your big goal to build your speaking resume? I can help.
Your insatiable need to get your ideal clients in a room with you? I can help.


You’re a talented biz owner, with a healthy list of clients.

And you’ve got BIG plans for your next (or first!) live event.

You know how powerful getting YOUR people in a room can be.

For your platform. For your business. For your heart.

But when you start making your To Do List…you get stuck.

And that retreat/conference/ workshop just stays on the list.

(Thankfully, that's where I come in.)

I work one-on-one with my clients in three game-changing, transformative ways.

Full planning + Execution

For biz owners who have an engaged following and need some help executing.

Conference + retreat planning from soup to nuts. You give me your big ideas, I'll implement and execute on-point, on-time, and on-budget.

Venue finding + Budget Creating

For biz owners who need help finding the perfect place at the perfect price.

The two barriers between "Idea" + "Launch" are your location and your ticket price. I'll solve both, meaning more working with your clients and less haggling with hotels.

Plan of

For biz owners who have tough questions, and need advice from a pro.

A one-hour call that tackles two big workshop problems you're bumping up against (you choose the topics). I'll help you untangle the knots in an hour, tops.