this is your year.

Your year to FINALLY host that workshop you've been craving to run.

Your year to put together the pieces of that conference that lives only in your journal.

Your year to get something on your speaking resume (even if it's just to 10 people at your local library)

But you don't know how to get started

Google searches yield tacky ballroom spaces WAY outside of your price range.

No one is calling you back and you feel defeated before you've event gotten started.

And how much is this going to cost anyway?

sound familiar?

"get your plan on" was made for you.

"Get Your Plan On" is a two-day, LIVE e-course that gives you the tools to lock down the venue for your workshop/networking event/mastermind/conference AND gives you a one-of-a-kind formula to set your event's budget, and thus, your ticket price.


"Lauren is brilliant. She saved me weeks of time with her expertise and gave me everything to run a successful workshop. She sorted venue, food, swag bags, transportation, schedule, curriculum, room set-up - ALL OF IT - and I can not thank her enough. HIRE HER." -- Halley Gray, Evolve & Succeed


Here's  what you'll learn when you join me for this two-day live workshop :


•The exact search terms, tricks, websites, and resources I use to find the perfect venues for my super picky, detail oriented clients

•The right questions to ask venues when you pick up the phone to call them so you sound like you know what you're doing (and not just "How much do you charge?)

•How to know when you've found "the one" venue to rule them all

•The process I take my clients through when setting an event budget (and thus, a ticket price)

•How to move forward once you've found your venue and settled on your budget



"Fast, efficient, no bullshit. I knew you knew your stuff right away, and when I got the follow up email,  I was super sure. You're awesome at this!" -- Heather Rees,



because the world doesn't need another wine and cheese event that charges an arm and a leg for awkward  mingling.


The world needs YOUR workshop / mastermind group / conference to get your message out there and electrify your top-tier clients in a way phone calls, e-courses, and virtual workshops simply can't do.

And you can't do it without a place to host it and money to run it!


But why should you trust me?

What do i know anyway?

(Glad you asked, sis. Doing your homework is important.)

I’m Lauren Caselli, I’ve planned hundreds of conferences, retreats, weddings + events over the past 10 years.

now, I’m bringing my secret bag of planning tricks to small business owners so they can host the event of the millenia without the frustration of feeling like an outsider.

I’m currently working with some amazing entrepreneurs on some amazing events.

And I do what I do because the event planning world is a (intentional?) MYSTERY to event planning outsiders. Googling "how to get sponsors" for your event or "best ways to find event venues" come up with virtually nothing. And I want to change it from a community of hush-hush exclusivity to an open book where information is readily available.

Ready to lock down your venue and launch your event already?


(that's the spirit!)

What you’ll walk away with:


•A final venue where you can host your event (the HARDEST part of planning a workshop)

•A budget that feels good and helps guide your ticket price

•An arsenal of time-saving techniques for weeding out the right venues

•The confidence that the venue you’ve sourced have everything you need (because you’ll learn the questions to ask)

•A swift kick in the pants to get your workshop instead of fretting about HOW to make it happen (because with a venue and a ticket price, YOU CAN LAUNCH it!)

•Help and support from my inbox throughout the way (because this process is hard and i don't want you to go through it alone)

and since This is the beta round of 'Get Your Plan On', which means Beta Pricing for You.


The Nitty gritty


how it works

Click the red button to sign up

Pay via PayPal (please place your most used email address in the instructions to seller box)

Receive your welcome pack in your inbox within 24 hours of purchase.

Sign on to Google Hangouts for our first call (Strategies for Finding Your Ideal Venue)

•Take a week to research venues using the techniques we discussed

Sign on the next week for our second call (Selecting a Venue and Setting a Budget)

Receive recordings in your inbox

BONUS HOUR: For the first 5 people to sign up, we'll have a third bonus hour (Structuring your Content and Creating an Agenda that Kicks Ass)

Mark Your Calendar

First Call: TBD @ 6pm EST / 5pm CST / 4pm MST / 3pm PST / 11 pm GMT via Google Hangout

BREAK! You go home and get 7 days to research and call around to venues in your dream location to get pricing. (I’m still available via email in case you get stuck or have questions.)

Second Call: TBD @ 6pm EST / 5pm CST / 4pm MST / 3pm PST / 11 pm GMT via Google Hangout

•Recordings and worksheets delivered to your inbox post haste

BONUS HOUR: TBD @ 6pm EST / 5pm CST / 4pm MST / 3pm PST / 11 pm GMT via Google Hangout




Plus, A bonus!


Because I'm feeling generous, the first 5 people who sign up will receive a one-hour, extra credit session

i'm hosting a bonus hour to discuss:


•How to structure your workshop to maximize what your clients really want, so they rave about the experience to all their friends (guaranteeing a sold out, repeat performance next time)

•The MOST IMPORTANT THING to remember when you're structuring your workshop or event

•How to fill your workshop with FUN and not make it feel like school again


Because i don't want you going to all the trouble creating inspirational, valuable, electrifying content that gets ignored because your attendees are clamoring for a bathroom break or need a snack to pep them up.


It's time to ditch the feeling of frustration at finding a venue or  setting a budget, and time to step into the role you really want:

 Workshop host, inspirational speaker, motivational maven, and live-event-hosting guru.