You are so committed to this idea of having an in-person retreat!

Exclusive face time with your most favorite, most loyal clients!

A unique way to help your already loyal fan base!

Finally getting out from behind your dang computer and actually connecting in person with the people you love working with deep down inside your core.

But you're feeling...

Totally overwhelmed by all of the options for structure, length...heck, even a venue.

Hesitant to sit down and even flesh out a plan because you don't know where. to. start.

Seriously stressed that you've got a plan but it's, uh, four months away and you don't quiiiite have all (or any) details figure out yet.

It's time to bring in a professional.

I'm Lauren and I have over 10 years of experience planning events and creating budgets for clients across industries. I'm professional, hyper organized, and cool as a cucumber in stressful situations.

(Basically, your perfect, workshop hype-girl.)

With Full Retreat Planning, you'll feel... grateful that you have someone leading the charge, making all the phone calls, outlining the entire planning process, keeping you accountable on decision making, figuring out a budget for this dang thing, and managing every aspect of your retreat and workshop into oblivion while you chillax with your clients, doing what you do best (writing, designing, letterpressing, calligraphing...).

...totally, freaking relaxed about bringing your event to life. Another glass of wine? Yes, please.

When we work together, you get:

  • A personalized roadmap with checklists, deadlines, and worksheets to guide our planning process
  • Research on venues, caterers, and other vendors you'll need for your events
  • A detailed budget with high and low options
  • A proxy who is your voice with vendors
  • Assistance writing marketing copy for websites or printed goods
  • Sourcing and purchase of paper goods or workshop materials
  • Assembly of any workshop gift bags or folders
  • Unlimited email support
  • A monthly - weekly check in phone call on project progress (dependent on how far out from event date)
  • 10 years of experience and advice on All of the Answers
  • On-site management beginning the day you arrive until the last guest has left (yes, I fly out to meet you!)

With The Whole Shebang, your event basically plans itself. I check in with you weekly or monthly (depending on how far we are from event date) to keep you in the loop on progress and you make the tough decisions.

Packages start at $2,500*

How it works:

1. You click that shiny red button up there. Enter email subject like "Full Workshop Planning" and tell me a little about your event.

2. I get back to you within 24 hours. We set up a time to chat.

3. After our delightful phone conversation, I send you a specific-to-your-event proposal. You send me a deposit.

4. You are in love. We get started. We drink lots of wine. (Always.)


*Please note that each workshop is different. If your workshop is small (fewer than 30 people for one or two days), let's chat. I create custom proposals for each client based exactly on their needs.