You are so committed to this idea of having an in-person EVENT, WHETHER IT'S A Thought leading TECH CONFERENCE, AN INCENTIVE RETREAT, OR A PRODUCT LAUNCH FOR YOUR LATEST OFFERING!

Events mean...

Exclusive face time with your most favorite, most energized clients.

A unique way to help your already loyal fan base.

Finally getting out from behind your computer and actually connecting in person with the people you love serving (the whole reason you created your business).

But you're feeling...

Totally overwhelmed by all of the options for structure, length...even a venue.

Hesitant to sit down and even flesh out a plan because you don't know where to start.

Seriously stressed that you've got a plan but it's, uh, four months away and you don't quiiiite have all (or any) details figure out yet.

It's time to bring in a professional.

I'm Lauren and I have over 12 years of experience project managing, executing events, and maximizing budgets for clients across industries (though me and my team work primarily with tech and eCommerce companies, as well as online entrepreneurs who lead a small to medium-sized team). I'm professional, hyper organized, and cool as a cucumber in stressful situations.

(Basically, your perfect, event hype-girl.)

With US ON YOUR TEAM, you'll feel... grateful that you have someone leading the charge, leading the meetings, setting deadlines, making phone calls, outlining the entire planning process, keeping you accountable on decision making, figuring out a budget for this dang thing, and managing every aspect of your event into oblivion while you spend time with your clients, doing what you do best (like showing them the latest features for your product, interacting with them to get the most powerful feedback).

When we work together, you get:

  • A strong project manager, and a team of individuals who understand the multitude of departments and resources it takes to pull off an event. We don't just plan, we advise on marketing strategy, attendee engagement strategy, content design, and project management.
  • A strong network of vendors in various markets. Our team has contacts all over the east and west coasts and in the Mountain West, so if you need a smoke machine in the middle of a dude ranch in Wyoming, we know how to make it happen. 
  • A detailed budget with high and low options. We're budget savvy and budget aware. We want to make sure that this is a solid investment for you based on your goals and KPIs.
  • Weekly project management meetings, with updates about all aspects of this event. We can't run efficiently if your team doesn't know what's around the corners, so we support our clients with recommendations on all aspects of events (marketing, speaker recruitment, sponsorship recruitment, etc.) even if we're not the ones managing those pieces (though we happily will!)
  • Unlimited email support and responses within 24 business hours
  • 12 years of experience and advice on everything from hotels to travel to speaker engagement to sponsorships.
  • On-site management beginning the day you arrive until the last guest has left (yes, I fly out to execute on site with you)

How it works:

1. Get in touch. Click here to fill out our intake form to find out if we're a good fit. 

2. I get back to you within 24 - 48 hours. We set up a time to chat.

3. After our delightful phone conversation, I send you a specific-to-your-event proposal. You send me a deposit if you want to get started with me and the team.

4. After the contract is signed, I send you an on-boarding questionnaire and we set up a 2 hour pre-planning kickoff phone call. We go through success metrics, planning milestones, budgets, and team engagement so that we're properly resourced. We've done large, complex events hundreds of times so we are thinking about ALL the things you're not (which is why you hired us in the first place).

*Please note that each event is different. If your event is small (fewer than 30 people for one or two days), let's chat. I create custom proposals for each client based exactly on their needs and my availability. And if it's not a great fit, I've got at least 2 people I can recommend to you.