Event Marketing and Strategic Launching

Launching an event is time consuming.

Writing an effective sales page, creating a launch sequence, understanding the best practices when it comes to approaching your audience...it's a headache and can take time away from even the most seasoned entrepreneurs.

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone keeping you on task, helping you outline the words, and giving you constructive edits?

Or better yet, someone to write it for you?

I'm Lauren, and I've been an event planner for over 10 years, specializing in strategic events within big corporate companies. I've worked with celebrities, CEOs, politicians, and everyone in between.

In the process, I've learned a thing or two about strategically launching events, how to approach promotional partners, and what sort of process you need to go through to maximize your tickets sold and buzz generated.

"The best part of working with Lauren was that she took the fear and mystery out of the whole event process. She has everything broken down so beautifully and I’m now inspired to do even bigger things in the future. She always knows exactly the right questions to ask to make sure everything comes out with the outmost clarity. Lauren is a clarity master." -- Casey Erin Wood, Revivify



Working with me to launch, you'll...

...be able to ask all the questions you have about event marketing and see the process broken down.

...be able to understand how most events get launched,  and why it seems like tickets to other events are already sold on Day #1.

...how to work with promotional partners and influencers to help spread the word.

...what sort of things you need to be saying in your emails to get people talking.

Launching an event doesn't have to be so hard. With a little guidance, and a lot of organization, we can take you from painful to profitable on your next event.

Here's how it works

+ 1-hour chat on Google Hangouts to discuss retreat, tone, and overall ideas for sales page (we'll also discuss retreat specifics and logistics you need to figure out before launch)
+ Writing of a sales page that includes customer identification, pain point identification, outline of the event, frequently asked questions, etc.
+Two rounds of edits (communicated via email over Google Docs comments)
+Advice on design and layout (what photos you need to have, how to break up the sections)

+30-minute strategy call about overall marketing and launch strategy for this retreat and the tasks you need to complete on your end during launch

+Series of 3 progressive automated emails that can be sent to whatever list you want, and my advice on when/how to send them

If you want to have an add-on call to discuss when and how you send out your launch emails, as well as how soon you should follow up with your emails, and what supporting strategy you should use (Facebook, Instagram,  personal invitations, etc.), and the process behind launching an event, we can add on an hour call to discuss.


Regardless of which you pick, you’ll get:
•A questionnaire for you to fill out and submit 48 hours prior to our call
•A production schedule that makes you feel confident that this all will get done efficiently
•A 45-minute to one-hour Skype/phone call to discuss the major information that needs to be conveyed on each page, as well as tone, brand, and organization.
•One initial draft
•Two rounds of edits
•Follow up support (for advice, questions, etc.) up to five days after the project has wrapped
•Quick turnaround to keep momentum high (7 days or less from start to finish, not including follow up support)

If you choose both sales page AND emails, I'll send you one questionnaire for BOTH the sales page and the emails, but I'll deliver the copy for the emails after we've finalized the sales page (because the sales page informs our email copy)

Ready to get started?

Packages start at $595