I believe live events have unparalleled power

Getting your dream clients in a room, treating them like superstars, asking for their honest feedback over a drink or two...it's the stuff an online marketing survey can't even begin to replicate.

Live events:

Build platforms
Create relationships
Establish expertise
Encourage community
Show your business' personality

(Oh, and are a lot of fargin' fun)

You may be asking yourself:

"Why would I hire someone to plan my own workshop/ retreat/ jam session when I know exactly how to host a halfway decent dinner party?"

The answer?

So you can be more present...

...designing your clients' website.

(Not anxious because you can't find a venue yet.)

...leading your mastermind workshop and getting down to business with your people.

(Not stressed out because half your group can't find parking.)

...engaging with your guests.

(Not running registration and barely giving them a nod hello.)

Your business is powerful.

And you should keep doing it. Do it well. Do it with gusto.

I'll be over here, setting up lunch, writing you a timeline, and cheering you on from backstage.

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Want my event planning checklist?

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Drop your email below and I'll send you a copy of the most important items to use to do when you're planning your event.

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My Story


Hey, Business Badass. I'm Lauren.


A long, long time ago (about 11 years), in a land far, far away (Washington, DC), I found myself labeling folders and stuffing name tags on the eve of a Very Important Political Event, with Very Important Political People.

Two major moves (New York City and Montana), over 50 corporate conferences, 10 multi-day retreats, 100 weddings, and one particularly memorable bachelorette weekend later, I'm a certified, full-blown, event-planning, event-loving nut.

(That's too many name tags to count.)

I help entrepreneurs and small businesses conceive of, plan, and execute the complex, flagship event they're looking to add into their business model as an annual coming out party / client engagement offering (white glove treatment and all).

I also consult on:

•How to NAIL your next presentation
•How to effectively market + launch an event to your community
•How to create a killer client experience that turns fans into buyers
•How to make sure people are actually enjoying your event
•What to do when it's all over and all you want to do is take a nap

(I speak about those things, too.)

It's my lifeblood.

My craziest event?

Ask me about it (hint: it involves DHL-shipped butterflies, and not knowing that, sometimes, golf carts can run out of gas).

Want to know what I can do for you and your lil old business? 

(Hint: a LOT!)